Durham DWI Lawyers

Tunnel CarAlthough Driving While Impaired is a misdemeanor, it is an offense that should be taken seriously.   DWI law is extremely complex and you need an attorney who is going to thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding your case to ensure that law enforcement did not violate your constitutional rights.  A DWI conviction can have far reaching consequences including:

  • Massive increases in insurance premiums
  • Court fees and huge fines (up to $10,000 for the most serious DWIs)
  • Loss of your driving privileges
  • Loss of your car
  • Negatively affect your career
  • Probation
  • Mandatory jail time.

When faced with such serious consequences, you need representation from attorneys who have successfully represented people in your situation previously.  It is common to feel powerless when you’ve been charged with DWI.  The attorneys at the Hunt Law Firm, can help you avoid serious penalties and move on with your life.

We provide experienced and thorough representation for DWI clients, by conducting a full investigation of your case including but not limited to:

  • Whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle
  • Ascertaining whether there are facts establish who was operating the vehicle
  • Whether there was probable cause for your arrest
  • Whether field sobriety tests were properly administered
  • Determining whether the breathalyzer test was properly administered
  • Review of breathalyzer maintenance records

A DWI is not your routine traffic ticket.  The two biggest mistakes you can make in handling your DWI is going at it alone or hiring an attorney who lacks experience in DWI cases.  The attorneys at the Hunt Law Firm have represented many clients charged with DWI and have procured dismissals and not guilty verdicts for many clients.  We are aggressive and trial-ready.  Rest assured, we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring your rights are protected.

Contact us today to setup your free initial, confidential consultation.  You’ll sit down with one of our experienced attorneys and we’ll address all of your concerns.  You’re not alone during this trying time.  Our Durham DWI attorneys are here to help.